Tuesday Task: Find a Prayer Partner

Today I am recovering from being sick. To tell you the truth it’s fighting me to hang on. I didn’t think I would be able to do the normal post, but I felt compelled to just write a little today while laying down with my little furbaby. (I have a Shitzu/mix).

Today, in my physical weariness and exhaustion I was finding myself getting into a emotional and spiritual slump. I started praying and as I did, others started coming to mind. I was reminded to stop dwelling on me and start thinking on others. That is when a specific person came to mind. She actually is one of my prayer partners. Come to find out she is battling some of the same issues I am. No coincidence huh? Well, I know God placed her on my heart for a reason. As Christian sisters, we need to lift each other up in prayer.

So, here is your task today. If you don’t already have a prayer partner, why not ask God to show you who to ask to be prayer partners with. Ask God to show you a sister/brother in Christ that you can be a help to each other in both edifying one another and bearing each other’s burdens.

First and foremost, the only person of opposite sex that should be your private prayer partner should be your husband/wife.

Secondly, this is not a time to be gossiping about others especially your spouse.

And last, but not least, keep your partners requests between you and Jesus.

If no one comes to mind and you would like a prayer partner, you could always depend on me or my husband. Men if you need someone to pray with you, please message my hubby privately. In the comment just mention for men only. For you ladies,I am here if you need someone, just comment for women only. We already have our Mutually Beloved family on our prayer list, but we don’t know specifically how to pray, so if you need specific prayer, please let us know.


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